Thursday, November 18, 2010

शंकर जी बने एन आर आई

शंकर जी बने एन आर आई
हमार अब का होई
बम भोला बसे कैलाश
चीनिन के कबजा माँ जो होई
अब को जानै शंकर जी ब्वालत है चीनी
संस्कीरत भूलि के हाँ कोई
चीनी माँ भजन करौ अब साधौ
शिव जी के पास पहुँचै ओई
हमरे मंदिर माँ मूर्ती आईं
छोटी छोटी भगतन का भावैं सोई
मुर्तिन के पीछे लिक्खा है संतौ
मेड इन चाइना पढ़ौ सोई
चीनी नागरिक शंकर जी होइगे
अब भारत भूमि का होई
एही ते चीनी अपरबल होइगे
शिव जी कै किरपा जरूर होई
शंकर जी बने एन आर आई
हमार अब का होई

---लक्ष्मीनारायण गुप्त
---१८ नवम्बर २०१०


Anonymous said...

Very good!


Anonymous said...

Poor Shankar Bhagwan! How will he follow "One child per family" policy in His new country (China) of adoption? He may have to choose one between Ganesh and Kartikey, to avoid penalty. Good poetic thinking on your part.
Uncle Gaur

Anonymous said...

आ० लक्ष्मी गुप्ता जी,
व्यंगोक्ति का लोक-भाषा में मनोरंजक प्रयोग पर बधाई !
यह भी कि -
शंकर जी होइगे एन०आर०आई०
बात समझ मा यह कम आई
भले बसि गये पर्वत पार
पर हैं तो हिंदी चीनी भाई भाई
काहे भवा कैलाश विदेश
भारत सरकार से पूछो जाई
काहे हारि गये हैं लड़ाई
जो देउता होइगे एन०आर०आई०

Anonymous said...

Bahut khoob . I hope the new NRI income tax doesn't keep Shivji out of India for good.


Anonymous said...


This is good one.
Next step is Shankar ji to Dalai Lama.


Anonymous said...

Dear Fufaji

Your poem has deep meaning. Very well expressed satirically.

Warm Regards

Rajendra Asthana said...

well said and well written!Allan Ross a British ICS officer of 1880 have written in his book ' Religions of Asia" that India is Hindu and Hindus are India.Sir John Tracey a junior officer who worked under Ross also wrote a book on India and propagated the hypothesis that there was no concept like India or a lebensaurum of Hindus before British created India. this hypothesis was vey close to heart of Jawaharlal Nehru and he articulated it in his writings. Today Ramchandra Guha amongst academicians and Indian national Congress are standard bearers of this creed.This view would inevitabely lead one to Shankar ji being an NRI and a PIO.A contrarian thought was initiated by Ross and echoed by Tilak, Savarkar,and segments of Indian national movement opposed to Nehruvians that Bharat extended much beyond the physical borders of India and a Hindu ws part and parcel of India.This thought was more akin to Theodore Hertz, the initiator of modern Israel way back in 1920. Incidentally,up-to 1006 AD the king of kabul was Jaipal Shahi a Hindu Brahmin, who lost to Mohd Ghazni.The Talibans, before invasion of Afghanistan by Americans, made it obligatory for Hindus of Afghanistan to wear yellow patches on their outer garments. It was akin to Nazis forcing jews to wear Star of David.To sum, we as people, are in a retreating mode and no surprise Shankar ji is an NRI and PIO.I won't be surpised if Chinese give him a Chinese name and google puts it on its web-site. Congratulations for the subtle satire in the poem. For me it reflects on us, as a people and civilisation in retreat and going to seed.

Anonymous said...

Well said

Patali-The-Village said...

व्यंगोक्ति का लोक-भाषा में मनोरंजक प्रयोग पर बधाई !